Surveillance Detectives


Surveillance / Counter Surveillance / Anti-Stalking

Covert & Technical

Surveillance can take many forms and be used to provide intelligence or evidence for many reasons. It can be undertaken by one person or by many. Sometime surveillance will be conducted using only technical equipment such as covert CCTV cameras or tracking devices.   Like many of the services offered by a private Detective Agency Surveillance is a skill. It is initially taught but then refined by experience.   Our Senior Partner brought the skills learnt during service with Specialist Operations at New Scotland Yard and adapted them to the private sector. Our surveillance teams are well trained well equipped and highly motivated. We have and continue to provide a specialist surveillance service for the legal profession, Housing Associations, the corporate sector and private individuals.

Technical Surveillance

Miniature recording devices, covert CCTV recording systems, covert vehicle tracking devices. Technical surveillance is a specialised field. We have been providing this service for many years to a variety of clients including housing associations and local authorities & individuals for many years.   We are able to advise on and supply miniature covert recording systems from a tie camera to bag camera and so on.

Feed back
Our expertise is best described in a recent comment by an American lawyer on evidence we provided in a medical negligence claim

The surveillance video of Mr. S taken in Belgium is without a doubt the best footage of its type I have ever seen. Your understanding of our client’s needs and your team’s work to capture Mr S employment and physical activity was outstanding. It will make my job defending this client much easier and I thank you again…..

Surveillance – Local Authorities
The installation and running of covert video / audio recording devices at various locations to gather evidence of criminal activity and anti-social behavior. Undertaking surveillance to gather evidence of sub-letting.

‘You and the team could not have been more helpful and I would have no hesitation in asking your company to help us again in the future’

Surveillance – private sector On providing evidence to a woman that her husband was leading a ‘double life’

‘I cannot thank you enough. You have given me back my self esteem and my life’

Vehicle Tracking

As part of our surveillance capability and dependant on circumstances we have available tracking devices designed to assist in keeping a discreet ‘eye’ on the movements of a dedicated vehicle. These tracking devices can be attached covertly to a vehicle and report back the location and route taken by the target vehicle be it a car van or lorry.   Measuring less than 15cm in length and 5cm wide and held in place with strong magnets the tracking unit can be deployed and removed in seconds. It has an operational life of between 2 – 4 weeks before the integral battery needs to be re-charged or the unit changed over.   Once deployed the tracker will report back the vehicle’s position every few seconds. Additionally a ‘live’ position can be requested and the location of the vehicle will be known to within 10 meters in approximately 10 seconds. All this information is monitored and logged by us and provided to you as and when required.   The units can be used as part of a surveillance operation or as a tool to gather intelligence.